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Productivity Pick-Up

Productivity. We all want more of it — to be able to do more in less time because we can’t find more hours in the day. The economy also craves productivity. While it does produce slightly more labor hours each year, the more important determinant of economic growth is output per labor hour or productivity. Last quarter we wrote about our belief that business spending would improve and lead the economy forward. Indeed it has and we think this is only the beginning. The recently completed U.S. tax reform bill only strengthens our conviction in this thesis. But it is the impact of stronger business spending on which we focus in this presentation. Investment is a key driver of productivity, which in turn dictates long-run economic growth. Therefore, we are hopeful that the surge in business spending that we anticipate will boost the long-run potential growth of the U.S. economy.

Then we can all stop hoping for more hours in the day.

Daniel C. Chung, CFA Chief Executive Officer Chief Investment Officer

Brad Neuman, CFA Senior Vice President Client Investment Strategist

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