Capital Markets: Observations & Insights

Growth Stocks Have Better Fundamentals ​ Growth vs. Bond-like Equities

• Sales estimates for R1000G stocks are rising while they are falling for the R1000V

• The long-term expected growth rate of the Russell 1000 Growth is more than double that of the Russell 1000 Value

Long-Term EPS Growth

3-Month Sales Estimate Revision

R1000G R1000V

R1000G R1000V





Source: FactSet, June 30, 2016. The long-term expected growth rate represents a consensus estimate as reported by FactSet and does not represent a prediction or forecast by Fred Alger Management, Inc. Actual growth rates might be materially different than those shown. The 3 Month Sales Est Chg is consensus reported by FactSet and refers to 2017 sales.

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