MME: Top Women in Asset Management

MME: Top Women in Asset Management

May 2020 | Volume 28 • Number 5 | The Premier News Source for Asset Management Leaders management executive Every year, Money Management Executive recognizes women who are making meaningful contributions to asset management. This year, that recognition comes at a time of serious crisis, as the global economy weathers the deep impact of the coronavirus pandemic. We asked this year’s Top Women in Asset Management honorees to discuss how their firms are coping with the crisis, and how this period may reshape the industry. Several executives note the sudden shift to a fully virtual business model, and the challenges and opportunities that come with the forced adaptation. “We have effectively gone all digital in many aspects of our work lives at an unprecedented pace,” says Ankur Crawford, portfolio manager at Alger. “I believe this change ... could lead to more efficient and productive organizations over the long term.” WOMEN TOP 15 leaders transforming their organizations to face the industry’s biggest challenges IN ASSET MANAGEMENT


In addition to founding the Alger 25 strategies in 2018, which she leads, Ankur Crawford co-manages the Alger Capital Appreciation, Alger Spectra and Alger Focus Equity funds — more than a combined $20 billion. To better assist women’s futures, Crawford founded a group focused on networking, career development and support for working mothers employed at the firm. Today, she is a mentor for new employees. In 2019, Crawford organized an off-the-record event for her female peers in the finance investment industry in an effort to help build a more expansive network for herself and other women, as well as to support and empower the next generation.

Ankur Crawford

Portfolio manager ALGER

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